Tap Dance Lessons

Tap Dance Lessons

FREE - Intermediate-Advanced Tap Dance Lesson 1

This intermediate-advanced tap dance lesson teaches you several tap steps and combines them into an enjoyable and exciting combination. This lesson is easy to follow and loads of fun. Our lessons are taught at an easy to follow pace and you’ll have blast tapping along with Rod!

I have a intermediate-advanced tap dance lessons package that consists of a whopping 18 exciting lessons. You've already done lesson 1 and hopefully had a great time. 

Throughout those 18 lessons you'll learn more than 50 different tap steps and put them together into more than 70 unique combinations! That's a ton of content to keep you having fun for a long time.

You will improve your speed, accuracy, clarity, strength, balance, coordination and stamina. You may even notice certain side effects such as:

Better Sleep
Improved Mood
More Energy
Reduced Stress
Weight Loss

A Great Bonus for You