Tap Dance Lessons

Tap Dance Lessons

What You Need to Know About Learning How to Tap Dance

I'm Rod and I'll be your tap dance guide

I've been teaching tap dance for over 30 years and I'm excited to use my experise to help you navigate this new tap dance territory. We're going to have a lot of fun and I'm going to make sure you don't get lost. Let's go!

Let's cover one of the biggest questions I get right out of  the gate:

Am I too old to tap dance?

Then you are in exactly the right place! Those are the very things tap dance improves. Along with strength, balance, memory, endurance, mood and sleep. Personally I was never a fast learner - I'm still not (my wife will be happy to verify that!). That's okay, we're not in a race here. I teach at a pace that anyone can follow.

It is not hard to learn but a few steps can be hard to do at first. Like everything in life a little bit of practice goes a long way. I teach in a very logical order so your skills build naturally. Also keep in mind you don't have to master every step - you're probably doing this for fun not to become the next Ann Miller or Ginger Rogers. I have lots of adults who skip the turning or pass on pullbacks (that's one of those steps that's hard to do). They do just fine and have just as much fun as everyone else (sometimes more because they're less frustrated).